Keaton and Emily's Beach Engagement at the Cancun Riviera Maya was incredible. If you've pondered about getting married in Mexico or just taking the time to connect deeper with your partner. Barcelo Maya Palace gives you everything you could ever dream of. We met Keaton and Emily for the first time at the resort. From the get go knew Keaton and Emily would such a blast. They both flew from Ontario, Canada. So you know we had to make their beach engagement session at the Cancun Riviera a lot of fun!

Barcelo offers amazing views so if being somewhere scenic is your thing then you have it here. The buildings are colorful just like anything in Mexico. So any resort that feels like you're walking through a small town Mexico city is always on top of our list. The food is amazing and the nightlife is top tier at this beautiful resort located along the Cancun Riviera. The white sand is also always a must have for beach engagement at the Cancun Riviera. What's better than putting your toes through super soft sand?

Still on the fence about going out of the country with us for your beach engagement at the Cancun Riviera. Don't be. We met these two amazing humans this exact day for the first time. Although our couples always say "we don't photograph well, because we're extremely awkward." They always end up being completely open with us. All while allowing us to document their story in its most genuine form. We promise we will always go hard for you! So send us a message we seriously cannot wait to see you run down the shore with your favorite human.

We hope you enjoyed Keaton and Emilys' beach engagement at the Cancun riviera Maya.

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  2. These two look like they had a blast with you! Amazing photos and it really captures that summer holiday vibe, thanks for sharing!


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