L + M's elegant wedding at the Dallas Arboretum was nothing short of incredible. We got to know Lindsay & Michael a bit before their wedding and how much they enjoyed gardening together. This venue gave them everything they envisioned when planning their day. It was a fall wedding and the Texas greens didn't disappoint.


Their story starts off at Michaels' mom's house, where he hung out with the guys before making his way to the Dallas Arboretum.



Meanwhile, Lindsay and her girls were at her house getting ready. We used a rug as the background for the stationary items because it brought so much color to the images. We hung out with the girls for quite a bit, they all wow'd over how stunning Lindsay looked in her dress from AandBe Bridal Shop!



Who said church light isn't good light?


We made our way to Saint Thomas Aquinas Catholic Church for their ceremony. Now if you've ever been to a church wedding there are times when the light isn't your best friend like at all bro. Lindsay's bridal room had just the right amount of tungsten light that allowed us to create some incredible images. YASSS for when the mood is moody!



In the fall, the sun starts setting earlier than the summer. We knew we'd have to get to get creative when documenting their portraits, and who knew that huge light balloon would create these beauties. Anytime you can push creative buttons, you should you never know what might come about. Their reception featured a cocktail hour for their guests to gather under patio light (we love these) overlooking downtown Dallas.



Oh yeah, you remember how we mentioned that we love when our couples party?


Yep. . .they partiiiiiieeedd



L + M decided on classic white rose petals for their send-off and were greeted by a surprise getaway car at the gate. I'm pretty sure Michael was at least trying to give us the finger. Jk



2020 has started with a bang, and we're just stoked you get to experience this with us! We cannot wait to share a ton of exciting things with you this year beginning with this elegant wedding at the Dallas Arboretum.

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