We cannot tell you how much fun this Guanella Pass Colorado engagement session was. We think anytime our couples take us where their heart desires is a dream in itself. The best part about this location is that you actually don't require a permit to photograph here. Regardless we practice our Leave No Trace methods to ensure that nature is protected. The best seasons to have your Guanella Pass Colorado Engagement session is during the fall when all of leave colors are changing. The weather is chilly but there's cute coffee shops as you exit the bypass to warm up a bit. Anyway, Courtney + Kai absolutely killed their session and I'm sure May 2023 is going to be just as good at their wedding. Oh yeah! They also brought their puppy, which is always a plus.

When planning our sessions and putting outfits together we try to focus on the tones in the back. We have our couples stay with neutrals, but nothing too crazy in patterns with busy backdrops. We'll give you examples below, so if you're ever stuck you can always come back here. Here's how to style your mountain engagement.

We took Kai's color choices to match the green in the trees and Courtney's jeans to match they sky. No pattern was necessary as having one they would've gotten lost with the pretty trees. The khaki of Kai's jeans matches the light colored rocks.


Here's a different example of how we styled this Guanella Pass Colorado engagement. We kept Kai in his green jacket to again match the color of the pine trees in the back. This draws the attention back to him by being the only green in a shade of brown. Lastly, we had Courtney rock her black jeans (always a win) to give contrast while having her wear a light brown jacket.

Above we kept Courtney in black jeans to add contrast to a light setting. Kai's pants match the light tones on the grass and their white shirts both blend with the sky. The attention should be on you and not what you're wearing.

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  1. I have never been to colorado before and this engagement session makes me want to visit so you can take my photos! I love the greenery and what looks like a desert all in one gallery! you captured this so perfectly (:


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