So let's have a chat, about how we do the damn thing.

We run our little business off of trust and friendship. The relationship we have with each and every single one of our couples means the friggin’ world to us, and allows us. You being vulnerable in front of our eyes is what creates that raw emotion you seek. We aren’t battery ran robots, we genuinely give a damn about you guys and care about you as human beings. We are friends, we’re there to pour shots for you, hold your dress, fix your smeared lipstick and keep the high of your wedding going. In other words, we’re your damn spirit animal.

Our promise is to create something beautiful together, something that has feeling. If you’re wanting perfectly posed images, and fake smiles we may not be the right fit and that’s totally okay we understand we all have preferences. We want you to be screamin’ out the top of your lungs with happiness when you book us, because “you’ve found the one”. We want your truth, and the connection that comes from within.

This is deeper than love, this is your legacy



We are both very passionate about the planet and the people in it. We are huge on giving and receiving because our universe is incredible. We give 5% of our collections to some of our favorite causes – there’s nothing better than making the world a better place. We are not so much of a tiny family anymore. We have two dogs – Kanye & Cooper and a cat that taunts them every chance she gets. We’ve created a pretty damn cool little kid the past 6 years and are now expecting a new baby! We are strong believers of living your best life no matter what – so we don’t get caught up with the negative things but rather focus on all the good there is. Live free, live happy and live fearless.

/anyway, let’s create magic together we can’t do it without you. 




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