Gosh, we are so bad at keeping up with our blog but we must do it for the good of humanity. Kaitlyn and Landon said I do at their intimate wedding at the Lumen Room in Dallas, Texas. We originally helped Kaitlyn and Landon plan their day from the go. The most important thing to them was somewhere their closest friends and family could gather that was cozy. If you’ve ever visited Dallas or live in the city you’d know The Lumen Room is incredible with light and makes a pretty rad space to host a small ceremony. Kaitlyn’s dress and florals were everything we could have ever dreamed for and Landon looked handsome himself in his tux. Let’s keep it a buck (100) you can never go wrong with a classic black tux, and a bowtie.

Shots anyone?

After their first look both Katelyn and Landon wanted to take shots of Tequila before tying the know. Can we admire how incredible both of them look? We had so much time with them that they have such pretty photos. Heck at the ceremony confetti poppers were used when they said “I do!” We’ll link their short trailer below! We keep praising it, but this is how you throw an intimate wedding at the Lumen Room or any studio that has quality light.


Their long time friend officiated their intimate wedding ceremony and was back up by the most incredible light. Kaitlyn and Landon cried, laughed, and most importantly dropped F bombs. Nevertheless, their intimate wedding ceremony at the lumen room was everything they could have dreamed of!

If you’re wanting to do something small but don’t want to or feel like traveling there are options. You too, can have your intimate wedding at the Lumen Room and completely make it your own. We also thought we’d update you since we’ve been absent from our blog. Our family has a new baby, and sadly we’ve also lost our amazing dog. We hope to share our birth experience with you soon.

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