ATX, the city that forever has our hearts! For Jessica and Kenneth's South Congress Engagement they met us in Austin, to basically have us third wheeling. The best part, they were sooo down to dance in the middle of busy busy South Congress.

Anyway, Jess & Ken met in Spain and that's where Kenneth proposed. Both of them have incredible souls that make the world that much better, no like really incredible souls. Jess has a boutique that sells with a purpose. To be exact the items sold support a different cause from (Women's Empowerment, Human Trafficking, Animal Rescue) for example are some. This made their shoot that much more fun, since we ourselves are advocates against human trafficking!


Yes, the images below were turned into a GIF or JIF (the guy that created them said it's JIF) Aside of the dancing that's coming up, we had them create their own handshake plus a booty bump at the end.


Us: Start dancing like nobody is watching you.

Everyone: Stops walking while we're taking these images literally watching them do this.

We'd love to keep you updated, Luka is now officially in Pre-K and he didn't even miss us. Maybe he did, but he's had so much fun in his first week of school that it just adds more to joy to our lives!

We'll be back soon, as we continue to document amazing couples and weddings everywhere. Air hug for all of you that made it this far!

-Chris x Jess

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