Vintage Villas Modern Boho Wedding

Kassidy and Alex knocked it out the park for their Vintage Villas Modern Boho Wedding. This venue overlooks Austin, Texas' iconic Lake Travis. We seriously had so much being able to celebrate them both. If you're wanting friends to have a good time with these two legends have to be in your friend group. The floral arrangements were to die for, and created by The Flowered Blue. We had been to this space before, but ultimately we try to curate galleries to be completely different than others. By doing this it allows us to be creative and think outside the box. We wanted to do something soft but edgy for Kassidy and Alex's Vintage Villas modern boho wedding.

There's always a myth that happens with weddings and we try to always debunk it. We know you might be on fence of doing a first look but want that reaction. We say DO IT! Why? Because if your boo is going to be emotional he will do it both times. At times you'll get bigger reaction during a first look as it's private and a moment between you both. Keep scrolling you'll see.




Vintage Villas

austin, texas

Hair + Makeup

Can we please bow for Mabry at The Flowered Blue for the work done on this Vintage Villas Modern Boho Wedding

We're sure you saw their first look, or at least we hope. Back to our point and to remind you that everyone deserves an Alex that shows you he loves you every chance he gets. We often say this a lot but we are grateful that our couples allow us to be a part of them. When we are trusted with what we do, it allows us to document a wedding genuinely with no forced smiles and you can tell by looking at Kassidy and Alex's modern vintage villas boho wedding.


We hope this gives you some insight on a fun way to throw a Modern Boho Wedding and jumpstarts your love for first looks.

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