Before we dive in, we want to say 'Thank You' so so much for trusting us with your wedding day (you rock). We know it's tough, but your wedding will be documented with a lot of love, and bad assery if that's even a word. From this day forward, consider us your partners in crime/third wheels for all wedding related things. This guide was created to help you as you plan your wedding, as well as give you some of our favorite vendors out there that are just as fun, and amazing. This is your wedding guide and can hopefully answer any questions you may have leading up to your big day! If there's anything we've missed just shoot us an email or text we got you!



Getting Ready

Capturing the process of you getting ready is one of our favorite parts of documenting weddings. It's the moments like these before the ceremony that matter so so much, because for the most part you're spending it with humans that care a whole lot about you! The best space to get ready in is one with lots of natural window light for the best possible results, as window light for the most part is always good light! If your space doesn't have that, don't you worry we will still go hard for you! Another thing to keep in mind, is to leave a space of the room empty so we can move things around in case it gets cluttered (:


During your getting ready portion of the day is also when we like to photograph your wedding deets because those babies are IM-POR-TANT before things get super chaotic. We ask our brides to have these things ready for me when we arrive ex. (dress, shoes, bouquet, rings, jewelry, invitation suites, veil) so we can spend more time documenting you and your loved ones instead of chasing down a pair of earrings! Don't hesitate sending us a invitation suite so we can have it ready just in case!


Family Formals

Family formals after the ceremony is probably one of the most hectic parts of the day. When organized properly, however, they can take as little as 20-30 minutes even with huge families. If you have a wedding day coordinator, please have them communicate to your immediate family to stick around after the ceremony instead of wandering off to the reception right away! When everyone who needs to be in the formals is waiting nearby, it is easier to knock out all of these images so no missed formals happen. If you do not have a day-of coordinator a close family member can also help coordinate family formals. The quicker we snap every family formal you check off on your list, the quicker everyone can get to celebrating. So it really is a win-win if ya ask me! One of the things we try our hardest to do if we have the time is do a few formals prior to the ceremony, this also helps with the time later on in the day! 

Epic Friggin' Exit!

When it comes to your exit, this is it! This is your final moment to go all out! Our favorite is a damn good sparkler exit, so when getting ready to have one of these always remember to buy the 2-3' feet sparklers so they'll last! We always guide you right before so you have your A game ready when walking through! If your venue doesn't allow that you have PLENTY of options! You have ECO-friendly confetti (YASSS for saving the planet), ribbons, bubbles, rose petals and rice is always a classic! Now, let's get to planning we're soooo stoked to see everything come together for you!