As if it wasn’t more obvious by now, Wichita Mountains is one of our favorite locations for engagement shoots. Anna and Andrew met with us in Oklahoma for their Wichita Mountains Engagement. We both drove up from Dallas and we were able to accomplish everything you can dream of. They brought their cute puppy Rudy which ALWAYS makes our day. So if you ever hang with us, the answer is YES to bringing your fur baby. One of the many reasons we love this location is because the sunsets are second to none. You have beautiful gold open fields and also the mountain top, regardless we promise your shoot won’t fail here.

What we love is that we can create together with our couples. We don’t like to choose a location and just give it to you, our process allows for the location to suit you. Everything we do is intentional, and we want you to feel and look your best. If you’re creeping through our blog drop what your dream engagement shoot is!


If this doesn’t make you want to pack your bags and go be wild for a while we don’t know what will. Come on babes, take an adventure for your engagement or your wedding. Honestly, if we could have it our way we’d tell you to elope, we’ll plan the whole thing for you from location to time.

We got asked what our favorite part of what we do is. If we’re keeping this sh*t one hundred – it the connection that we get from you. It is the fact that couples allow themselves to be vulnerable in front of us. To be allowed into your lives and be able to document you for the amazing humans you are is a gift. Seeing couples’ connection like Anna + Andrew brings us so much genuine joy. We promise to always give you 100% of us and love you HARD.

We always want to remind our couples or potential couples to have f*cking fun. It doesn’t matter how silly you are for your photos. It doesn’t matter who’s staring at you while you dance uncontrollably. What matters is that you have fun being with the one human that loves that living hell out of you. Anna and Andrew’s adventurous Wichita Mountains Engagement was a dream. We cannot f*cking wait to photograph their wedding in May.

Wichita Mountains Engagement

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  2. This location is off the charts cool. I love how happy this couple is and you nailed the golden hour and edits. So soft and pretty and warm. Love them!

  3. Yes LOOK AT RUDY! I love when dogs get to be in engagement photos! These are all so dreamy, that hilltop sunset glow especially got me – I love all of the movement in your work, just beautiful!


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