Kristin + Roland had us travel with them to Santa Clara, California. We visited Wilder Ranch State Park and Henry Cowell State Park for their engagement shoot in late June. It was absolutely incredible, they booked a tiny airbnb in the woods from which the scenery looked amazing. From there we drove to Henry Cowell State Park for the first time part of their engagement.

Kristin and Roland drove up from Los Angeles to do this after a third time (always the charm) we were finally able to hang out with them. We live in Texas so we're used to crazy weather, but SC surprised us! It was low 80's when we started and when we finished the drop was to 35 degrees.

Henry Cowell State Park

We shit you not, we walked on to this open field and there was deer and other wild animals just minding their business. Anyway, we didn't care we still had a friggin' blast!

Also, if you know us you know that we love sun flares peaking through because who doesn't like it?

Wilder Ranch State Park

We came to Wilder Ranch State Park to finish Kristin + Roland's engagement. This is when CA weather went crazy and the temperature dropped so much haha. We loved being here, we loved the scenery and how calm and peaceful everything was. We're just happy that they were troopers and fought the cold. Who else loves black and white images? We can't be the only ones that do, we feel like they cut to the chase when giving out emotion.

Towards the end of every shoot we try to do things outside the norm to give it more edge and we're also HUGE fans of blurry and out of focus so don't mind us.

What are your goals for 2021?


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